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Common Issues

Issues that come up frequently in support
Where do i download the script?
After purchasing, head to and login with the same account you purchased the script with, navigate to 'Granted Access' & press download. If you purchased a script with a monthly recurring payment & your payment declines, you wont be able to download the script.
"You lack the required entitlement to use..."
This error is due to the asset you purchased either not being linked to the correct cfx account, or a payment failure. - If you bought a script with a monthly payment, ensure the payment went through. - If you bought a script, make sure you are using a cfx key for your server, using the same cfx account.
"Failed to verify protected resource..."
This error is caused by corrupted / missing files in a purchased resource. This can happen when downloading or transferring the files.
If you are using FileZilla to transfer files, sometimes files can be ignored by filters set, for example the .fxap file that comes with the resource.